The Gift of Forgiveness

Sometimes we live in situations that are not our fault and that make it hard for us to understand why things like this can happen to us. When another person does, says or creates situations that hurt us, our hearts fill with feelings that little by little turn off our light.
The actions of others show what exists within them. There is a phrase that says “you cannot give what you do not know”. So when a person loves, it means that he knows love. When a person hurts, it means that he knows pain. How many times do we take the time to understand why the person who hurt us is hurt? I believe that forgiveness goes hand in hand with understanding. And although it can be difficult to understand the root of that person's pain, the reward is forgiveness, and that is what will relight that light that exists within you.
I believe that forgiveness is a gift that is difficult to give, because it implies remembering, acknowledging and accepting that what was was and that we do not want that to continue in the present. The most beautiful thing about the gift of forgiveness is that we spend a lot of time writing the name of the person who hurt us on the card, wondering if that person deserves to receive a gift from us. But when we decide to give the gift, we realize that the card always says "From: me, To: me" because when we forgive, we stop investing time and energy in resentment, hatred and sadness and we open our hearts so that they can be forgiven. fill with light and be light what we can share with others.