we are dimensions

Sometimes I wonder why some people have more personal growth than others? What situations do we have to experience to grow? The older we are, the more personal growth we have?

There are times when I find answers in books, people or even experiences. Where I realize that personal growth is achieved through decisions, attitudes and activities that we carry out in our day to day.

My favorite line from we are is, “There is a whole world inside of us. We are much more than we imagine.” I think that if we all read this sentence carefully we would question our world, and the world of the people we love. How is my inner world? Of what colors, moments and dreams is it composed? What other world does it look like?

Psychology says that human beings are made up of eight dimensions: physical, emotional, cognitive, communicative, social, aesthetic, ethical, moral and spiritual. Thinking about them, I can imagine my inner world divided into these 8 parts, some bigger than others. But I think of the inner world of a person close to me, and the largest dimension of it is my smallest dimension.

And this is where I realize what personal growth is, which I would define as: “an increase in my eight dimensions”. I believe that the personal growth of a person depends on the size of each of its dimensions, and the more experiences we dedicate to each of them, the greater we can be as people.

If I only dedicate time to my social and emotional dimension, I will not be able to have an integral growth, because I would have 6 pending dimensions to work on.

How do I strengthen each of my dimensions? How much attention do I give them? What can I do to have more growth? How is my inner world? These are some of the questions you will come across when experimenting with we are dimensions.