Are we more or less the people who live in peace?

Written by: Lorena Canales González

Are we more or less the people who live in peace?I constantly ask myself this question.

When we are presented with different opportunities or paths, we are faced with making decisions that make us consider certain things. Some of us prioritize what we feel. Does this opportunity go hand in hand with my essence? Will it help me feel fulfilled? Am I going to enjoy it?

But others give priority to the rational. How does it guide me to meet my goals? What other doors can taking this opportunity open for me? Why should I take it? Why not?

Both paths, the sentimental and the rational, are correct. But I think that before asking ourselves anything, we should ask ourselves the question: Will it give me peace?

I find it incredible to think and know that the most extreme thoughts and feelings exist within us, and are external situations and people who awaken them. If we want to feel sad, we can, because sadness already it exists within us. The same with anger, happiness, courage and peace. ALL, without exception, have peace within us, and if we do not feel it, it is only a matter of awakening it.

But, how do you wake up all that lives inside of us? I think the answer is obvious: taking care of your environment. We must take care of our environment, our relationships and our routine. In everyday life there are moments that awaken these feelings in us. The mood with which you wake up, the enthusiasm with which you do things, the time you dedicate to your favorite activities, the call you make with the person you love, the songs you listen to, the food you eat, the conversations you you have, the friends you frequent the most.

If we all take care of our environment and put our energy into everything that awakens the peace that we already have inside, we could be more of those who live in peace. And from a state of peace, we would make the right decisions to be and do what we want.

To finish, I guess you can ask yourself how do I know if I'm at peace? I think the best way to know this answer is to identify your emotional, mental and physical state most of the time. These are some questions you can ask yourself to find out. Are you calm? Do you tend to be optimistic or pessimistic? Do you pay much attention to the opinion of others? Do you base your decisions on the opinions of others? Do you want to run away from where you are? Are you okay? Do you live happily?

Reflect on these questions and remember that within you there is already peace, it is only a matter of awakening it.

Share with us your opinion on this topic, what we like the most is listening to you.

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