Did you distance yourself from someone you love?

There are distances between two people that do not hurt, because it happens because the paths of each one begin to go in opposite directions. Their tastes, thoughts and ways of living begin to have little in common, and the distancing occurs naturally.

I think it's very common for us to associate distancing with “pain”, but it doesn't have to be. Just because two people go their separate ways does not mean that there has to be pain, or that they have to stop loving each other, or that they have to break their friendship.

Relationships, despite working and being strengthened through communication, can be strong enough to withstand estrangement.

Think about that person you love, even if you don't find anything in common with him or her.

Think about that person who were so alike and now are so different, but still feel connected.

Think of that person you remember from your childhood, or adolescence, who despite being far away (not only in terms of

distance), you remember and want how you did in those years.
Don't let the distance between you and that person define the love and affection you have for each other. You can love each other even if you are far away, you can have a relationship even though your ways of thinking are different. I bet if you give each other the time, you'll find something to bond with.

There are also estrangements that do hurt, which usually occur as a result of a fight, misunderstanding or lack of communication. From one day to the next, a relationship between two people that had been cultivated for years is broken.

Whatever has happened, if both people want it, this distance has a solution.

Remember that every situation has two points of view, and neither is more correct than the other. If we take the time to listen without being defensive and understand everything the other person has gone through, we would understand why I act that way and only then can we forgive.

Without understanding there is no forgiveness. Don't let your ego get the better of you and break that relationship you loved so much.

Communicate what you think and express what you feel, but let the other person do it too.

There are many more reasons to forgive than not to.