A letter to you, who destroyed me

Written by: Lorena Canales González

For you,
I am writing this letter to you, who hurt me so much. In a thousand pieces you broke me, and you forced me to hit rock bottom. You came when I least expected it, and I'm not even sure you're not here anymore. You made me know parts of me that I didn't know existed: fear, sadness, confusion, anger. I discovered everything that can exist inside my head, and how intense I can feel. Today I tell you, from another place, that although you almost destroyed me, I could be stronger than you. And that although I wish you had never existed, part of who I am is what you left in me.
You scared me a lot, but I realized that within me there is the courage to overcome anything. You taught me what it means to be truly sad, but I discovered that the deeper my sadness, the more I can appreciate happiness.
Although you made me feel more alone than ever, I discovered that there are people (albeit a few) who will never leave my side. You taught me to appreciate health, happiness, people, family. You made me know parts of me that I would not have known in any other way.
You forced me to be patient and trust fate. To be understanding and to accept parts of me that I didn't want. You taught me to embrace my anxiety and control it. But the most important thing of all is that you taught me what I'm made of. Of bright and dark colors, of pretty and ugly emotions, of thoughts that can give me wings to fly, and others that can drown me. I am made of loneliness but also of company. Inside me there is a world of contradictions that, when seen closely, only create confusion, but actually make perfect sense. So I dedicate this to you, that you destroyed me but gave me everything to rebuild me the way I wanted.